Spacer Bars

There are many options when it comes to selecting spacer material. We carry a flexible foam spacer, aluminum hard bar and a proprietary spacer produced by the manufacturers of the PDS automated line. It’s made with two strips of stainless steel (the top strip painted black), separated with nylon side-walls, and a desiccant matrix running down the center of the spacer. PIB is applied to each edge which gives this spacer a high level of moisture vapour barrier (MVB).

PDS Align Stainless Steel Spacer Bar

The only spacer bar of its kind available in Canada, the PDS Spacer Bar is designed with durability in mind, providing manufacturers with a durable and long-lasting unit:

  • Corrugated stainless steel bar
  • Sealant pocket to create warm edge
  • Dual-sealed units with grey silicone for structural strength
  • Notched corners + 4th corner tab creates stability
  • Encapsulated desiccant matrix – no more loose beads!
  • Available in black and mill finish

Insul-Lite’s investment in this technology along with our automated line gives high performance and superior thermal performance at a fraction of the price of conventional IG units.

SuperSpacer and EnerEdge Warm-Edge Spacers

Foam spacers are suitable for a wide range of applications and create a warm-edge for efficiency, comfort, and superior thermal performance.

  • Durable desiccated silicone foam chassis
  • Available in black and grey finish
  • Pre-applied structural adhesive (PIB)
  • Metallized or non-metallized gas/vapour barrier

With decades of performance, warm-edge foam spacers have been used with great success by Insul-Lite for decades.

Other spacer bars also available – contact us for more details.