Production Lines

Insul-Lite caters to many different types of customers – from small glazing contractors to large window manufacturing companies and everything in between. It is vital that we have the ability to produce insulated glass (IG) units for each and every customer while maintaining our strict quality standards.  Our two production lines allow us the flexibility to create value for all of our customers.

Our Automated IG Line

We partnered with one of the most innovative and forward-thinking equipment manufacturers in the world to install a very unique production line – the only one of its kind in Canada. Equipped with chamber-sealed argon gas filling, in-line protective wrapping, and laser-slit triple glazing, the PDS line positions Insul-Lite as a leader in IG manufacturing.

A Unique Problem

Our new building – large and equipped with ample natural light – posed an interesting problem for the installation of our new glass line. The line was initially designed for a longer, narrower manufacturing facility. Brainstorming sessions between the PDS team and Insul-Lite’s leadership resulted in a unique ‘glass flipper’ to ensure the fast and efficient handling of the glass units as they progress down the line.

Taking a hard right turn

“The Flipper”